Aiio (pronounced eye-oh) is based in London.


Inspired by modernist ideals, where a studio for art and experimentation is channelled through a specific craft, Aiio rugs are informed by our ongoing creative practice and realised through collaboration with skilled artisans. Our pieces are handmade to order and we issue a certificate with each piece, stating the edition number, date and place it was produced.

Drawing on the mix of our British and Japanese heritage, we produce works that resonate with our observations of nature, habitat and culture. Identifying the natural and manmade world around us as collections of lines, shadows, shapes and contours, we find inspiration for form and material, responding to the interplay of what we see and our presence within it.

We believe production means should be sustainable and ethical. Our rugs are carefully created and responsibly produced. We work directly with makers that are subject to strict standards in the welfare of our weavers, ensuring that no child labour has contributed to the making of our works.

Bespoke commissions are available on request. For custom sizes or other queries please get in touch here


Photography by Jonathan Stokes and Aiio Studio